This is a Certified Game

This is a Certified Game by Crypto Games Agency
Every official and ‘Certified Game’ by our Crypto Games Agency has in the top right of its website the text 'Official Game by Crypto Games Agency’ text linked to our official website https://cryptogames.agency, and each game made by us appears on our Crypto Games Agency website. The success of our agency triggered many copycats. Our system/code is hidden and it’s impossible to copy the inside, even if the game of a copycat looks similar from the outside. All other games that are NOT on our official website are scams, even if they look similar, copy-pasted our whitepaper, and/or impersonate our team. You don't want to be involved in a project run by people who steal the work of others, because they are likely to steal your money too. Be careful!
Important Legal Notice: This whitepaper is copyrighted by the Crypto Games Agency. Our Omni-Balanced Oracle system called ‘Nadodo’ and the economic system is trademarked by our Crypto Games Agency. Partial or entire reproduction will result in our legal team taking immediate action, because we combat scams and copycats actively to elevate the ethics and values in the cryptocurrency space. Even if you do not KYC with any audit company, we collaborate with the large service providers for P2E games, employ specialized cyber security specialists and lawyers who can file copyright infringements and take down social media channels, websites, presale pages, etc within a short timespan. If you copy-paste even one sentence or line of code from our whitepaper/website, you will expose yourself to legal action and large financial fines.
Note: To play Crypto Legions v3 you can only use the $BLOODSTONE v3 token ($BLV3). The v1 and v2 tokens have no value and have no use anymore.