As you already know, to be able to hunt the dangerous monsters of Nicah you need to create powerful legions from warriors and beasts.
Your legions will be able to hunt monsters once every 24 hours, and if they are successful they will earn $BLOODSTONE.
The stronger the monster is that your legion hunts, the harder it will be to defeat. Only the strongest of legions can even attempt to take down the most dangerous monsters, however, if successful, the $BLOODSTONE rewards for doing so will be enormous.
Each time you hunt, whether you win or lose, you usually pay a 2.5% tax of the potential winnings for that hunt in BUSD. The hunting tax may be adjusted slightly based on the Omni-Balanced Oracle.
By using the "mass hunt" button, you can let your available legions hunt at the same time for the highest reachable monster for each legion. This function has exactly the same result as if you would hunt with each legion individually, one by one, for the highest possible monster for each legion. "Mass hunt" will not hunt for Monster 25, because that special monster needs to be hunted separately.
On the 'Hunt' page, you can click the 'Hunt History' text in the top right of your screen, to be able to see your entire history of all past hunts. The results of Monster 25 are not included in the Hunt History. The results from a Mass Hunt may take up to 30 minutes to appear in the Hunt History, and the time delay may vary depending on how many monsters you hunted for at the same time.
Hunting these dangerous monsters is no easy task, and winning or losing will result in your legions sustaining permanent damage, which is explained in the next section.