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Risk Statement - Wen Lambo?

Investment in cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn games is highly speculative and inherently risky. There can be no assurance of the economic success of any project since the revenues are dependent on many variables influenced by large numbers of people, which cannot be predicted. We do not provide financial guarantees or advice of any sort. We do guarantee however, that we will do our very best to make this project a great success.
Often people ask: "Wen Lambo?"
Let's assume for the sake of our example that the person asking the question had in mind a Lamborghini Huracan with 630 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, priced around $265,000.
One's earnings are dependent on a lot of variables, dependent on their initial investment, the risks one takes in the game, and their skills in playing the game. Do never invest any money you cannot afford to lose.
Assuming one would invest $30,000 to start with, play well, have average luck, reinvest all your earnings, not claim your principal investment early on… Then the answer is that a Lambo could be affordable after approximately 3 months, including a return of one's initial investment, assuming the price of the token stays the same (which is pegged with the Oracle) and the game survives. At the same time, bear in mind that this is just a best case example scenario.
So there you have it. Wen Lambo? Technically 3 months.
Again, the returns mentioned in this whitepaper are technically possible with the economic model we set up, but we do not promise this type of earnings, only use money that you can afford to lose and enjoy this journey with us.
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