Players can buy and sell warriors, beasts, and/or entire legions on our internal marketplace. Each transaction is done in $BLOODSTONE, and has a 15% tax paid by the seller at the time of the sale, that goes into the Rewards Pool. The marketplace tax may be adjusted slightly based on the Omni-Balanced Oracleโ„ข.

You can easily use the filters at the top of the screen to find the best deals on entire Legions or find the perfect Warriors and Beasts to build or strengthen your own Legions. NFTs that have been added to the marketplace in the last 24 hours will have a "new" badge in the bottom left corner.

As you see in the picture above, legions that have hunted in the last 24 hours, will have a red shopping cart icon. This is because only legions that have not hunted in the last 24 hours can be sold on the marketplace, meaning you can only list a legion 24 hours after its last hunt. At the time of putting your legion on the marketplace, it can have hunting supplies. Of course, you can also sell legions that have no hunting supplies anymore, or never had any hunting supplies. The buyers can see how many hunting supplies your legion has, and they will receive the legion with all of its hunting supplies at the time of the purchase.

Legions that can be sold on the marketplace will have a white shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner of the legion on the Legion page. Legions that cannot be sold, because they have hunted in the last 24 hours, will have a red shopping cart icon. Please note that the dark/night mode on your phone might influence the color of the red shopping cart icon.

The marketplace is for players to buy/sell their NFTs to other players. If you come into a situation where you must transfer Warriors/Beasts/Legions from your current wallet to a new wallet of your own (for example, because your wallet's security has been compromised), then we strongly recommend to inform our moderators team prior to your migration from one to another wallet. Players who intentionally transfer one or multiple items between their own wallets, trying to exploit the game, and/or try to transfer items outside the marketplace, will trigger our security systems, and may see their wallets suffer from penalties/restrictions. The marketplace is not a place for interaction between your own wallets, but a market to buy/sell items from/to other players.

Legions with an attack power under 2000 cannot be sold on the marketplace, because they are too weak to hunt. Those legions are your personal trophies, to remind you of the good times they had with you, and they will share the legacy of hunting for you with the next generations to come. For the game itself, they have no function anymore, unless they have space for more warriors/beasts and you update your legion to over 2000 attack power again.

Legions need to have a reasonable price to be listed on the marketplace. The price may not be lower than 2.5x of the approximate Legion value, based on its attack power. If the price entered is too low, the pop-up window will request you to enter a higher price in order to list your Legion on the marketplace.

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