Early Claim Tax

From the moment you win your first hunt, your rewards will go directly into your unclaimed rewards wallet. If you want to claim your rewards on the same day of your first successful hunt, there will be a 40% early withdrawal tax when claiming your rewards in $BLOODSTONE. The Early Claim Tax fee is reduced by 2% every 24 hours, starting at the time of your first hunt. This system incentivizes holding the $BLOODSTONE token, so that the price of the token is motivated to have an upward trend through adoption of the game.

For example: You go on your first hunt on day 1, you win, and you receive 490 USD into your unclaimed rewards wallet. If you would like to withdraw in the first 24 hours, you would need to pay 40% tax, so you would be able to withdraw the net amount of 294 USD (=60% of 490 USD). The amount of 196 USD (=40% of 490 USD) would be deducted from the unclaimed rewards wallet, and go into the Rewards Pool. If you wait 7 days (7 times 24 hours after your first hunt), the tax would be only 26%, so you could withdraw 362.60 USD. If you wait 20 days, you can withdraw the full amount of 490 USD tax-free.

The approximate exchange value in BUSD of the $BLST amount inside your Unclaimed Wallet is shown inside the game. Please note that the BUSD is value is indicative, and we are using PancakeSwap to calculate it. When the Liquidity Pool is large, then the calculation of the BUSD value will be pretty accurate. If the Liquidity Pool decreases strongly in a very short amount of time, the BUSD value calculation inside your Unclaimed Wallet might experience a difference up to 25% due to the $BLST currency exchange change on PancakeSwap.

All taxes paid from early claims will go into the Reward Pool.

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