🏦Reserve Pool™

Next to our Omni-Balanced Oracle System, we introduced another revolutionary concept into our play-to-earn game, called the Reserve Pool.


As you probably know, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Even if we do an excellent job in all areas and lots of new players keep joining, our game token could be influenced by a sudden medium-length bear market. In other words, if BTC, BNB and other cryptocurrencies keep going down, our $Bloodstone token might be impacted and lose a lot of its value due to investor uncertainty. If the downmarket sustains, our rewards pool might drain too quickly, because the rewards are pegged to the dollar. This is why we proactively have implemented a backup mechanism, to provide more security for players, keeping an amount aside in a separate multi-sig wallet in BUSD. The Reserve Pool is topped up by making daily small sells from the Reserve Pool Wallet, as explained in the Transparent Tokenomics. The Reserve Pool is maintained between a healthy 10% (in good times) and up to up to 30% (in potentially riskier times) of the total Reward Pool amount. Our Reserve Pool will not lose value, even if all other cryptocurrencies lose value.

The result

Even if the cryptocurrency market collapses, or if the token loses a lot of value in a short amount of time, we will have a substantial amount set aside in BUSD, in our Reserve Pool. Even if our Rewards Pool would drain, it’s not game-over for us yet, because the money is used to fuel the compensation for players in the new game!

When the Reincarnation process (= transition to a new token/game) starts, then the entire amount of the Reserve Pool from the previous version will be progressively used to buy $Bloodstone in the new token version within the first week, and all $Bloodstone tokens will be donated to the Reward Pool. Thanks to this, 'Samaritan' players will be able to summon warriors/beasts for free using the amount of their Reincarnation Voucher. With this system, we feel we have a winning formula for gaming longevity. This innovative system allows players to 'Play Forever Earn Forever'.

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