๐Ÿ’•We Proved We Care

Our team cares about you, and we proved it with our past actions.

How do we show that we care about you?

  • We involve the community in guiding us about what to do next

  • We listen to and implement the suggestions given by the community

  • We let every player/trader talk freely and exchange opinions in our public Discord/Telegram groups (only moderating fud and disrespectful comments)

  • We ask our community to vote for important decisions through surveys

  • We hold an AMA every week on Telegram voice chat, and allow everyone to speak and ask us questions in the chat and/or unmuting them

  • Even when a lot of people lost a lot of money at the end of v2, we received spontaneously hundreds of positive messages from our community to keep going and supporting our efforts: https://cryptolegions.app/v2survey-results

  • We sent email replies to every single player who completed our v2 compensation forms to inform them clearly about their status, and did many efforts through messaging on Telegram/Discord to reach players who we could not contact by email

  • We have compensated players who deserved it for losses in the past, using all funds that we could dedicate to compensations, and you can hear/ask feedback about this to anyone in our public chat Based on the latest survey completed by 1036 people, 97.3% of our community is happy about our dedication and commitment to being in service of our community: https://cryptolegions.app/v2survey-results

  • We are transparent about the amounts and transactions from the team and development & marketing wallets, so everyone can see the status in our Transparent Tokenomics by clicking the linked text in the first column.

  • You can hear that we care in our voices and in what we say during our AMAโ€™s: http://cryptolegions.app/ama

  • We let ourselves guide through our mission, and have a clear written and public Code of Ethics that we follow

  • We are dedicated to being the example we want to see in the world of crypto

If there is anything else that we can do more, please let us know through the suggestions channel on our Discord.

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