Guidelines for Trading

Speculating the value of the $Bloodstone token (or any other currency) is very risky. Here are a few basic guidelines we recommend to be aware of, when trading:
  • Never invest what you cannot lose.
  • Watch the chart at all times (or set up alarms and/or systems to watch the chart for you). A large sell-off might happen any time.
  • Diversify. Never put all your eggs in the same basket.
  • Have a plan for when a crisis or market crash happens.
  • Even though we had a CertiK audit, and took all the best possible security precautions to prevent our game from being exploited/hacked, there is no guarantee that our game could not be exploited/hacked anytime. Even to the most secure games, exploits/hacks have happened.
  • Be aware that if things go wrong, there is no compensation for your loss.
  • Speculating on cryptocurrencies is very risky and volatile.
  • Risk = potential gain / loss. The more you risk, the more you may potentially earn, but you can lose more too.