🤩Omni-Balanced Oracle™

Meet Nadodo, Our Revolutionary Omni-Balanced Oracle

Crypto Legions has created a revolutionary mathematical solution to protect the longevity of the game economy and reward players who stick around.

Introducing Nadodo, Crypto Legions’s Omni-Balanced Oracle™. Nadodo keeps an eye on the economy and uses a proactive system to help game rewards retain their long-term value. Not only are unclaimed rewards linked to the USD, but Nadodo also employs responsive and adjustable taxation to create a sustainable game economy.

When the game economy is healthy, Nadodo will lower in-game taxes, allowing current players to reap the rewards. If the game economy stagnates, Nadodo will gently raise taxes, incentivizing the value of in-game tokens, and use some of the revenue to boost the marketing budget, attracting more players into the game.

Nadodo is not only wise, but also transparent: As a player, you will always be fully informed of the incentives and taxations so you can adjust your playing style accordingly.

A Variable System Adjusting To The Economy

While other play-to-earn games regularly suffer economic catastrophe, Crypto Legions is protected against their tragic fate. Nadodo, our revolutionary Omni-Balanced Oracle, is ever present, ensuring a thriving, sustainable economy for long-term players.

Like a sentinel keeping watch in the night while the villagers sleep, or a hunter adjusting his aim based on the speed of his prey, Nadodo deploys a carefully calibrated approach to eliminate threats to the game economy before players even notice them.

Nadodo is similar to a bulletproof vest for the economy. You don't feel much difference when having one, but it can save your life.

Our economy system has been reviewed by a PhD professor in Gaming and Mathematics at one of the top five universities in the UK. Every day, the economic situation is being reviewed by at least one economist, and Nadodo will regularly make the necessary subtle adjustments for a sustainable economy.

Our Omni-Balanced Oracle System contains amongst others the following elements:

  1. $BLOODSTONE rewards when hunting monsters are pegged to the USD currency (you will always have the same USD reward for the same monsters)

  2. The rewards you earned from hunts, that are in your unclaimed wallet, preserve their value, because they are pegged to the USD

  3. A sliding adjustable marketplace tax, between 5% to 20%. Higher taxes if the Reward Pool needs replenishment, lower tax if the Rewards Pool grows.

  4. A sliding adjustable hunting tax, between 0% to 9%. Every time one goes hunting, they pay a fee in BUSD.

  5. A sliding adjustable buy tax (range 0% - 2%), going to Liquidity Pool.

  6. A sliding adjustable sell tax (range 0% - 20%), including adjustable percentages for each of the items inside the sell tax (see table below for all details).

  7. A sliding adjustable damage for legions for each hunt, between 1% to 3%.

  8. A sliding adjustable summoning fee, between 9 USD to 40 USD.

  9. A sliding adjustable discount fee for hunting supplies for 14 and 28 days (see table below for all details).

  10. Sliding adjustable values for the Claim Tax and Reinvest Tax for the Smart Claim System

  11. Sliding adjustable commissions in the Referral System

The adjustable taxes are reviewed and adjusted accordingly, if needed, about twice per week, or more often in case of emergencies.

These player-rewarding taxes serve to provide ample rewards for players, and create a sustainable economy to preserve the longevity of the game.

Nadodo is monitoring the economic situation every day, and intends to implement pro-actively gentle changes to the adjustable variables, so that players feel minimal changes. In the table below, you can see the minimum and maximum values that Nadodo is allowed to implement. If Nadodo sets a value above the usual average, then it incentivizes the player rewards (reward pool, liquidity pool, etc). If Nadodo sets a value below the usual average, then it incentivizes the players directly.

Usual values

Here's a table listing all adjustable variables by Nadodo, including their minimum, usual, and maximum values:

If the token and game economy gets off to an amazing start and attracts a lot of volume, growth, and listings, then Nadodo may ‘renounce’ ownership of the token contract to ensure buy/sell taxes will never be set above 0%.

Values during the first 24 hours

During the first 24 hours of the game, the Omni-Balance Oracle Nadodo has decided to make the amounts:

Values from the 2nd day after launch

Starting 24 hours AFTER the launch of the game, the Omni-Balance Oracle Nadodo will start making gradually the amounts the following:

You can always see the current status of the above variables in the box ‘Nadodo is watching’ on the right side of your dashboard you see at each login into the game.

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