What is ‘Reincarnation’?

The moment of transition to the next version of the game and the ‘end of life’ of the current token is in the power of the players. Players can decide if they want to vote to keep playing the current game, or they want the current game to end so a ‘Reincarnation’ (= transition) to the next version of the game starts.

How Reincarnation Works

Players can vote for the current game to end (= Player’s Sentiment), and when 70% of voting players want a ‘Reincarnation’ (= end current game, start new game), then the current game will be frozen, and a part of all player’s inventory/value can be migrated into the next game.

Why is Reincarnation important?

  1. Players decide about the moment when a game end/begins, so it’s the players group decision that determines the value of the token and the end cycle of a game.

  2. Supportive players (= ‘Samaritans’, players with at least 3 Samaritan Stars up to 48 hours before the Reincarnation Process starts) are fairly compensated for the value they have in the previous game, by being able to transition some of their value on to the next game.

Watch the Player’s Sentiment

On the dashboard you can watch closely the current Player’s Sentiment about the economy status:

As long as the Player’s Sentiment about the game and the economy is in the green area, everybody can keep playing the current game. As soon as the Player’s Sentiment reaches the red area (30% or lower), then the game will freeze, and it will not be possible to summon/hunt/use the marketplace anymore, and the Reincarnation Process to the next game will begin.

Voting for Player’s Sentiment

To be able to vote for the Player’s Sentiment, a player needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have at least 40,000 AP

  • Have (or had) at least 4 Samaritan Stars

Only players who fulfil the above requirements are allowed to vote, and everyone of these voting players has one vote for the Player’s Sentiment. A player can change his vote from bad to good (or the other way round) every day, anytime, by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button on the dashboard.

The voting can start the earliest 30 days after the launch of the game, because it is only at that moment that players can start to have 4 or 5 Samaritan Stars, which is a requirement to be able to vote.

The Player’s Sentiment percentage is counted as: Player’s Sentiment percentage = (‘Good’ votes / All votes) *100

The Player’s Sentiment, the result of the votes, will be displayed from the moment there are at least 20 votes.

The vote of each player expires after 3 days and is removed from the total votes. If a player wants his vote to be taken into account, he needs to vote every 3 days. A player can update their vote as many times as they want, as often as they want. Every time the player updates their vote, the 3 days timer resets again.

The Process of Reincarnation

Once the Player’s Sentiment percentage reaches only 30% (so it means 70% of voting players want a ‘Reincarnation’), then within 12 hours (even if the Player’s Sentiment percentage goes above 30% again in the meantime) the process of Reincarnation will start. Another trigger of the Reincarnation starting is when the Reward Pool health becomes critical, which you will see when the green dot next to the Reward Pool health status becomes red. Once Reincarnation starts, the following will happen:

  1. The game freezes, and it will be not possible to summon/hunt/use the marketplace anymore

  2. Players can claim their Unclaimed Rewards for 72 hours, as long as there are tokens in the Reward Pool

  3. For ‘Samaritans’, players who have at least 3 Samaritan Stars (or had up to 48 hours before the Reincarnation Process started), a new button ‘Reincarnate’ will appear on the dashboard for a duration of 72 hours. Each player has to click the 'Reincarnate' button in order to be taken into account for a Reincarnation Voucher.

  4. After 72 hours of the 'Reincarnate' button appearing, the button will be disabled, and the calculation of the amount of each player’s Reincarnation Voucher will start with the following formula: ----- Your Reincarnation Voucher amount = [ (Your Reincarnation Value / Total Reincarnation Value) *100 ] * USD in Reserve Pool ----- Your Reincarnation Value is a combination of the total AP of your legions, and the BUSD in your Unclaimed wallet, and the BUSD in your Reinvest wallet. Players who did not click the 'Reincarnate' button within 72 hours from the start of the Reincarnation will forfeit their voucher. We strongly recommend all players and investors to watch the Transparent Economy Status many times every day.

  5. Within the next 28 days, a new presale will start for the next version of the game. Follow the announcements to potentially apply for a whitelist. The top 1000 players who apply for a whitelist and Reincarnate receive a guaranteed whitelist for the next game. The size of the whitelist will depend on the Reincarnation Value of the player and the presale size.

  6. Once the new game starts, you will be able to summon warriors/beasts for free using the amount of your Reincarnation Voucher

  7. The entire amount of the Reserve Pool from the previous version will be progressively used to buy $Bloodstone in the new version within the first week, and all $Bloodstone tokens will be donated to the Reward Pool.

  8. The next game will be playable, until players vote to start the next Reincarnation. The decision power of the moment when a game end/begins is 100% in the player’s hands.

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