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Using Vouchers

Influencers and/or compensated players/traders might receive a voucher as a gift.
A voucher gives you a certain amount in BUSD with the possibility to do all of the following activities for free, as long as you have an amount left inside your voucher:
  • Summoning Warriors/Beasts
  • Creating Legions
  • Updating Legions
The voucher CANNOT be used for the following:
  • Buying supplies (you can use your Unclaimed Wallet for this after your first successful hunt)
  • Hunt taxes paid in BUSD (usually only 2.5% of the reward of the monster you hunt)
  • Gas fees for transactions
  • Buying items on the marketplace
When you receive a voucher, you will need approximately to invest yourself about 5% (of the voucher amount you got) from your own wallet to pay for supplies/hunt/gas fees, while waiting to cash in the first earnings from the game.
Here is a video demonstrating how to use your voucher:
Here are the three steps illustrating how to use your voucher:
Even the tiniest amount in a voucher can be squeezed out and be useful to create/update legions (which can be as cheap as 0.5 BUSD for adding one Warrior to a Legion).
Make sure to read the entire whitepaper and watch our instruction videos before you start to play. Several players who got a voucher started playing the game without reading/watching how to play it, and lost quickly the voucher amount they received. We cannot provide voucher replacements if the reason why someone lost is because they did not follow the game instructions.