What makes us unique
Our ambition is to create the longest lasting play-to-earn NFT game on the BSC network with a lucrative ROI for players.
This is how we're going to make that happen…
What makes us unique:
  1. 1.
    Our revolutionary Omni-Balanced Oracle
  2. 2.
    A Reserve Pool to survive a cryptocurrency market collapse
  3. 3.
    A 100% complete, secure and battle-tested game at launch

1. Crypto Legions has Solved the Longevity Problem for Play-To-Earn NFT Games

The Problem

Play-To-Earn NFT games typically fail when their economies become unsustainable. This usually happens when established players hoard ever-lasting NFTs, and start withdrawing rewards in bulk without contributing anything back. Without enough new players joining, the economy stagnates: All the rewards have been eaten up by whales, with little incentives left for everybody else. This is when game creators tend to panic and impose knee-jerk measures that catch remaining players off guard, damaging trust and making a bad situation worse.

The Solution

Crypto Legions has created a revolutionary mathematical solution to protect the longevity of the game economy and reward players who stick around.
Introducing Nadodo, Crypto Legions’s Omni-Balanced Oracle™. Nadodo keeps an eye on the economy and uses a proactive system to help game rewards retain their long-term value. Not only are unclaimed rewards linked to the USD, but Nadodo also employs responsive and adjustable taxation to create a sustainable game economy.
When the game economy is healthy, Nadodo will lower in-game taxes, allowing current players to reap the rewards. If the game economy stagnates, Nadodo will gently raise taxes, incentivizing the value of in-game tokens, and use some of the revenue to boost the marketing budget, attracting more players into the game.
Nadodo is not only wise, but also transparent: As a player, you will always be fully informed of the incentives and taxations so you can adjust your playing style accordingly.

2. We invented the Reserve Pool™

Next to our Omni-Balanced Oracle System, we introduced another revolutionary concept into our play-to-earn game, called the Reserve Pool.


As you probably know, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Even if we do an excellent job in all areas and lots of new players keep joining, our game token could be influenced by a sudden medium-length bear market. In other words, if BTC, BNB and other cryptocurrencies keep going down, our $Bloodstone token might be impacted and lose a lot of its value due to investor uncertainty. If the downmarket sustains, our rewards pool might drain too quickly, because the rewards are pegged to the dollar. This is why we proactively have implemented a backup mechanism, to provide more security for players, keeping an amount aside in a separate multi-sig wallet in BUSD. The Reserve Pool is topped up in good times, using an adjustable percentage of the sell tax. The Reserve Pool is maintained between a healthy 10% (in good times) and up to up to 30% (in potentially riskier times) of the total Reward Pool amount. Our Reserve Pool will not lose value, even if all other cryptocurrencies lose value.

The result

Even if the cryptocurrency market collapses, we will have a substantial amount set aside in BUSD, in our Reserve Pool Even if our Rewards Pool would drain, it’s not game-over for us yet! After the cryptocurrency market recovers (usually a few days, or a few weeks in worst cases), we can exchange the backed-up BUSD from the Reserve Pool to save the $Bloodstone token, and relaunch our game! With this system, we feel we have a winning formula for gaming longevity.
Nope, we’re not nuts, just proactive. None of the other games have ever done this, they did not account for ‘bad times’, so most other games were wiped out with the first cryptocurrency cold breeze. Just like a squirrel reserves nuts to survive winter, we reserve BUSD in our Reserve Pool to survive a cryptocurrency market collapse.

3. A 100% completed and tested game before launch

Our 100% ready and user-tested game will launch together with our token. We invested our own funds to develop the game, so you can play a fully functional and secure game from the start. This means that we will not face any unexpected delays or problems that could potentially lose our investors money and hurt the growth of our economy.
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