Hunting Supplies

Legions, consisting of warriors and beasts, need hunting supplies in order to hunt. Hunting supplies must be purchased for each warrior within your legion, and hunting supplies can be purchased for a minimum of 7 hunts, 14 hunts, or maximum 28 hunts. Once you run out of hunting supplies, you need to buy more.

You can choose to pay for the hunting supplies from the unclaimed rewards wallet, or from your MetaMask wallet. If there are not enough funds in the unclaimed rewards wallet, then the button to pay from your unclaimed rewards wallet will be grey, and hunting supplies fee can only be paid from your MetaMask wallet.

The hunting supplies do not reduce if you don't hunt. For example, if you have a legion with supplies for 6 hunts, and you do not hunt for 2 days because you go on holiday, then you will still have supplies for 6 hunts when you come back from holiday.

The cost of hunting supplies is 1 USD per hunt for EACH WARRIOR, obtaining a big benefit if you buy supplies for more hunts at once:

The discount for 14 and 28 hunts may be adjusted slightly based on the Omni-Balanced Oracleโ„ข.

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