Warriors and beasts can be combined to form legions by clicking the 'Create legion' button on the dashboard or on the legions page. A legion can contain a maximum of 10 beasts and the strength of these beasts will determine how many warriors can be contained within the legion. You can always add warriors and beasts to your legions assuming you havenโ€™t reached 10 beasts, however, itโ€™s impossible to disband legions and remove warriors/beasts from a legion.

As creating your legion will result in a certain attack power potential, itโ€™s important to form your legions with a clear strategy in mind.

In order for legions to hunt daily they need to have the proper hunting supplies, which will be paid in $BLOODSTONE.

The training to create the legion costs 0.5 USD for every warrior and/or beast that is added (to be paid in $BLOODSTONE). More warriors and/or beasts can be added to an already existing legion, as long as there are less than 10 beasts in the legion and/or if there is spare capacity for warriors. The additional fee for hunting supplies will be paid in $BLOODSTONE. The exact calculation is covered in the hunting supplies section.

There is no limit on the number of hunts a wallet can do per day. We recommend to not have more than 250 legions per wallet, because it might start taking more than 1 minute to load the Legions/Hunt page, and at some amount above 250 legions these pages might have too much data to be able to make the interface function smoothly.

The explanation of the red shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner of your legion is covered in the Marketplace section.

New Update in v3 - Executing Legions

Legions can be executed, which will return a certain percentage of the value of the attack power back to the player in $BLOODSTONE. To execute a legion, usually when you are not satisfied with its potential earnings anymore, you just need to click the "execute" button (in the form of an X).

The amount you receive in $BLOODSTONE for executing the legions depends on its attack power:

  • If the legion's AP (= attack power) is above 20,000 = Then you get the value in USD (paid in $BLOODSTONE) of the AP divided by 200

  • AP between 10,000 - 20,000 = AP / 300

  • AP between 5,000 - 10,000 = AP / 500

  • AP below 5,000 = 0

For example: You execute a legion with 30,000 AP. The calculation is: 30,000 AP / 200 = 150 So you get 150 USD in your MetaMask wallet, paid in $BLOODSTONE, for executing this legion.

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