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Security and Risks

Based on our experience, we have taken very serious precautions to secure Crypto Legions from exploits/hacks, which include:
  • We did not renounce the Reward Pool to be able to move the rewards to a new wallet/contract in case of emergencies
  • We set up a system to migrate the Liquidity Pool in case of emergencies
  • We hid the minting/summoning code from the public so it is not visible / accessible publicly We did not renounce the game smart contracts, so they can be updated with new features and/or security changes
  • We tested the smart contracts for exploits/issues before launch in collaboration with CertiK
  • And many, many other precautions, including many that have been recommended by our community, which we cannot list publicly to prevent exploits/hackers being aware of our security measures
We are confident Crypto Legions is secured well. At the same time, play to earn games on the blockchain are in general vulnerable to exploits/hacks, so make sure to not invest any money you cannot afford to lose. In case of a breach and crash, please be aware that there might be no compensation at all, and/or potentially a compensation similar to what has been provided for players/traders in the past.