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Our Mission

Crypto Legions has a threefold mission to make the world a better place.
1) Great Enrichment:
Having the necessary financial knowledge and experience to know how play-to-earn games are a potential way for people living in developing economies to build reliable passive income streams. By educating people about all aspects of a play-to-earn game, we combat poverty. Additionally, we reserve a part of the tokens to give to less well-off people, including providing a phone and the necessary training, so they can generate potentially an additional income.
2) Great Edutainment:
We strive to make it easy for players outside the crypto space to join our play-to-earn game, by making clear instructional videos, providing simple to understand instructions for beginners, sharing educational videos on our Youtube channel, and providing in-game support. We educate and entertain at the same time.
3) Great Environment
We developed a game story that demonstrates how excessive energy consumption, to which mining cryptocurrencies contribute substantially, affects climate change and depleting earth’s resources. By educating players and making them aware every day through the game of the need for sustainable solutions, we contribute to saving our planet’s environment.
Our mission is mainly focused on the following Sustainable Goals of the United Nations: 1, 2, 4, and 13.
Let’s all make a difference in the world, so humans in the 30th century won’t need to depend on the planet Nicah to survive.
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