Crypto Legions is a revolutionary game made by Crypto Games Agency. Crypto Games Agency's mission is to create sustainable play-to-earn games that provide a reliable revenue for the players, while combating poverty by educating more people about how to enter the NFT gaming space wisely.
Our core team has a great amount of experience in blockchain, business, marketing, and development.

Danny - Founder

Danny is the crypto-currency expert of the team, with vast experience and knowledge of P2E game mechanics and the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. He has several years of experience within the e-commerce space and will be in charge of community building and marketing for Crypto Legions. He lives and breathes crypto and after becoming a successful investor of the BSC his goal is to use the money he’s made to provide a sustainable income source to many more investors.

Shark - Co-Founder

Shark has over 20 years experience in business, entrepreneurship, coaching, IT sales & marketing, and IT recruitment. As a Bachelor in Applied Economics, he built several thriving businesses, and developed many communication training programs. He is an award-winning film producer/director, breaking records in fundraising, and developing movies for the top streaming platforms. His aim is to feature the tangible results of this cryptocurrency game in a documentary to educate people on how to navigate the NFT gaming space.
Aaron - CMO / Marketing Manager Aaron was a day trader - investor and borderline obsessed with the blockchain and crypto being an enthusiast in general since 2016. He then became a serial entrepreneur in the space as early as 2018 creating projects from the ground up and being involved in every aspect. His knowledge, network, attention to detail, and marketing capability are rare to find and many have seen or heard him speak publicly on major and recognized company panels regarding crypto, blockchain, NFTs, GameFi, start-up companies, and marketing. Zorro - Business Consultant
Zorro is a strategic business consultant who worked with many Fortune 500 companies over the last 15 years. As a veteran in product launches, management consulting, and leading project teams, he excels in growing startups in technology into higher revenue and improved scalability. Following with his passion for the crypto space, he is a sought-after consultant for blockchain-based companies.

Alberto - Lead Smart Contracts Blockchain Developer

Alberto has over 5 years of experience in blockchain engineering and 8 years of experience in front-end engineering. As a blockchain engineer, he already built many Defi ecosystems in the form of DApps, P2E games and NFT marketplaces on several blockchains. He has been working as a lead developer for the last 2 years for many blockchain cryptocurrency companies.
Paul - Lead Front-End Blockchain Developer
Paul is a blockchain engineer with 7 years experience in full-stack development, and 3 years as a blockchain engineer. He built many blockchain projects such as NFT minting, NFT marketplaces, NFT Games, DAO, Defi, and DApps. He built many projects from scratch. Front-end development with SPA frameworks are one of his main skills.

Yuyake - Blockchain Developer

Yuyake worked in blockchain engineering for 4 years, and has 10 years of experience in full stack development. As a senior blockchain developer, he has built many DApps, NFT smart contracts and marketplaces, crypto games, and DAOs. He always delivers high quality, fast speed, excellent communication and creativity for the project.

Angel - Blockchain Developer

Angel is the tech-savvy professional full-stack blockchain engineer with over 8 years experience from scratch to deploy. He has deep knowledge of oracle systems and multi-chain, and has built various Defi projects like Dex’s and on-chain asset marketplaces etc. Clean, well-commented code, and good communication skills are his superpowers.
Kyo - Blockchain Developer
Kyo is a senior blockchain engineer with over 3 years of experience in blockchain development and 7 years in software development. During this time, he could become a veteran who has built a private blockchain network, and many dApps like NFT marketplace, DeFi protocols and DAOs. His next aim is to build the most successful P2E game in blockchain history.
Pete - Blockchain Developer
Pete is an experienced developer professional with strong leadership and relationship building skills. Certified Blockchain Developer, developing the Applications in Java and MERN. Experience in developing Decentralized Blockchain applications using Ethereum and Hyper ledger. Strong understanding in DeFi, Dapps, NFT marketplace development. Wide range and senior knowledge in Front-end development.

Rafal - DevOps Engineer

Rafal is a Cloud Architect with over 12 years of experience using that cloud as well as 20 years of IT experience. During that time, he has created several successful and award-winning companies as well as worked with multiple others to lead them to success. He loves cloud engineering due to its possible automations and limitless possibilities.
Luke - Website Development
Goulart - Graphics
Watch - Graphics
Luca - Graphics
Hamzah - Discord Customization
Victoria - Executive Assistant
Fenix - Community Manager
Marian - Community Manager Crypto Legions is made with
by Crypto Games Agency