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Play Forever Earn Forever

We’re the first P2E Game that allows you to “Earn Forever”
Let’s face it: P2E games that give high rewards, are high risk. If the market conditions do not fuel the token growth enough, then the token will dip, and result in the game to end. A possible solution would be to reduce the rewards, but that’s not what P2E players want, isn’t it? Players love the high ROI, and are aware of the risk that goes with it. So… We came up with a system that allows players to play forever, earn forever! How? By launching a new token, each time there is need for one, and keep the game going on forever.
In other words: if the v3 token ends its life cycle, we will launch a new v4 token shortly afterwards, to restart the game.
Now, considering tokens will come and go one after the other, we must make sure investors in each token are informed well about its status, risk and potential future evolution. This is why inside the game you will find several variables that make the economic status transparent for all players/investors possible to assess independently. If the current token has a risk of losing value, then players are able to proactively make their conclusions based on the variables inside the game. It’s up to them to take a higher risk by reinvesting, or playing more safe by cashing out.
If the v3 game ends, then a similar compensation system will be used as in our previous iterations of the game. This time, everything is automated with our Reincarnation system. In other words, just after the game ends, players will be able to migrate a part of their value from the current game into the next game, and we will use the entire Reserve Pool to pay for the player's value migration. Traders will not be compensated, because speculating the token is a risk as explained in our Trading Guidelines. None of the players in loss will recover the full amount they lost, but players will receive a distribution of everything that has been collected in the Reserve Pool. Additionally, this time, players will be much better informed about the status of the economy thanks to the Transparent Economy Status data on the dashboard, so players have a transparent and informed view of the risk they are taking by continuing to play.