Hunting Rewards

Rewards will be given to players for every monster that their legions successfully hunt and kill. As we want to create a completely fair and safe economy for our players we have implemented a unique Omni-Balanced Oracleโ„ข system that will provide stability in uptrends and protect our players in downtrends.

In other games, people usually rush to claim their rewards immediately, out of fear of the game token lowering in value compared to USD. This is why we implemented our Omni-Balanced Oracleโ„ข, which makes sure all rewards and expenses are well balanced, and it will also maintain the dollar value of all unclaimed rewards. This will prevent the rewards pool from being drained rapidly and provide our players with reliable and sustainable income. As a result, this incentivizes the holding of the token within the unclaimed rewards wallet of the game, and gives players the unique possibility to calculate and plan their rewards in the long term. Additionally, this measure will benefit the increase of the $BLOODSTONE token.

Rewards are maintained at a USD value in the unclaimed rewards wallet. These rewards can then be converted into $BLOODSTONE at any time for the equivalent USD amount, just be aware early claims will be taxed as described in the Early Claim Tax section. To swap your unclaimed USD into $BLOODSTONE, just click on the โ€˜Claimโ€™ button at the top right of the screen.

For example: When you successfully hunt monster 20, you win 490 USD, and let's assume in this example that at the time of your hunt it's equal to 400 $BLOODSTONE. If you keep your reward for monster 20 in your unclaimed rewards wallet for 15 days, and the $BLOODSTONE currency halves in value compared to USD, you will still be able to withdraw 490 USD (which will be equal to 800 $BLOODSTONE at the time of your withdrawal in this example).

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